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Avui diumenge a les 17h. Porta la cadira i parlem!


Ahir dissabte, tot i haver-se suspès els debats a causa de la pluja, moltes persones es van acostar a Plaça a participar-hi. És per això que es va decidir, que

AVUI DIUMENGE A LES 17H, es repetirien els debats!

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  1. willem permalink
    05/06/2011 18:46

    What you know about the strawman? Not much? So listen to this dutch radio show about this subject, it might set you free!

    Dutch Freeman claiming their Strawman status

    You are not your name. Your name (social security number) is a corporation that was founded when your parents had your birth registered.We the People are learning what Our Unalienable Rights are. Many do NOT know and therefor cannot claim their rights or recognize when they are being violated by those who took oaths to protect those rights. The police and the “government” derive their “just” powers from the CONSENT of the people! We have more authority than anyone with a magic badge and a costume. We are as Sovereign as the Land we inhabit. And that is the truth of the matter. Living Free…Constitutional Revolutionaries, Patriots, Sovereign People, Off the Grid… the movement is characterized by many names. But in the end these people are seeking to be free, seeking to be free of rules, regulation and the bureaucratic reach of government in every aspect of our lives. Yes, they seem extreme, but let’s take a look further…

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